• Brandy Waterstraat

8 Rainy Day Surf Reads

By Ana Rahlves and Brandy Waterstraat

Winter storm season is on the horizon, which can bring epic waves and epic weather. Although we know the rain is good for crops and land parched by summer droughts and wildfires - the levels of bacteria in the ocean can rise significantly, often making it unsafe to surf. While we patiently wait for a sun break, we created a list of rainy day reads we hope will be like surf therapy for your brain. Here is a list of our favorite surf books to keep our Wahines busy this season, while we daydream about those long summer days.

1. Chasing Waves: A Surfer’s Tale of Obsessive Wandering by Amy Waeschele

We can’t kick off this this list without featuring our very own Wahine Kai member, Amy Waeschle – an author from our Washington State chapter. This book is very relatable for all female surfers, as it takes us along her journey from a beginner conquering her fears, to her adventures as an avid traveler and surfer. As a bonus, some other books by Amy you may enjoy include Going Over the Falls, and Love in the Time of Surfing.

2. The Girl's Guide to Surfing by Andrea McCloud

The perfect first surfing technique book with answers to the most common beginners to intermediate surfers questions.

3. Surf Survival, The Surfer's Health Handbook by Andrew Nathanson, Clayton Everline, and Mark Renneker

Great reference book. From fitness to water rescue techniques, this book is a must have in every surfer's bookshelf.

4. Blue Mind by Dr Wallace J. Nichols

Have you ever wondered if there's more than the obvious wave riding adrenaline about surfing that causes a positive impact in your mental and physical health? Doctor Wallace J. Nichols may have the answer in this book that explores how being in, under or near the water can make you happier.

5. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan

"A finely crafted memoir of a youthful obsession that has propelled the author through a distinguished writing career". This book is sure to captivate readers, surfers and non surfers equally.

6. The Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness

An easy to follow health and wellness book for female surfers.

7. Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

The story and the philosophy behind Patagonia, one of the most important surf companies in the market.

8. Live Like Sally by Sallly Fitzgibbons

Professional surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons writes about her path of becoming one of the best competitive surfers of the world. Don't let the young girl vibe of this book fool you, the collection of surfing tips plus health and wellness advice make of this book a fun and easy read for women of any age.

We'd love to hear about your favorite surf reads! Feel free to add additions and suggestions in the comments, so we can get started on our favorite Wahine Kai summer beach reads!

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