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Surfer Skincare Tips

By: Gabriela Peregrina

As you may know from experience, it’s no secret that surfing can take a serious toll on your skin. The frequent contact with beach elements demand specific efforts to keep your skin glowing and happy.

I did some research, and asked around the women’s surfing community and Wahine Kai Surf Club because who’s better at giving advice than those who spend most of their time under the sun?



  • Jasmynn Nichole: Organic Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover by Honey Girl Organics and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment are my go-to! Obsessed! I put it on after every surf, it makes my face feel amazing and it’s so moisturizing. Also, Lucas PawPaw from Australia, made from papaya and it comes in a red jar. I use it every night before bed, when I wake up, and pre-sunscreen.

  • Anon: During the morning I wash my face and put on vitamin c serum, sunscreen, and don’t forget the sunscreen on your lips like I did! In the night, I wash my face, CeraVe PM Moisturizing Lotion, vitamin c moisturizer, vitamin c eye cream, and eye drops (if burning).

  • Meetu: Pre-surf, I apply sunscreen. Post-surf, a few drops of sweet almond oil—both available at any drugstore!

  • Amy Vasquez: I too simply use sunscreen pre & post with a moisturizer and a believest for hydrating skin thru nutrition.


  • Erinn: I always wear a surf hat and surf sunglasses as well as zinc sunscreen. I think the hat and sunglasses really minimize exposure. I also drink lots and lots of water after surfing.

  • Danielle: I get the sunscreen off as soon as I can. I think it drys the skin out.

  • Tani: Since we are fully suited most, if not all year here—face sunscreen is all I apply. Then put on my favorite bikini under my wetsuit and paddle out! Post-sesh, I rinse my hair but don’t wash it and add a spray-in Marrakech oil and scrunch it for some lovely salty beach waves. I let it dry with the window down on my way to the next spot, maybe wash the next day. I also rinse my bod and apply a skin trip lotion. Love that salty feeling!

  • Laura: Pre-surf, a base everyday sunscreen then lots and lots of zinc and a hat. Post-surf, I cleanse the zinc off with a face oil or face wipe, use aloe straight from the plant if I have it and moisturize like crazy, and end by applying eye cream.

  • Dnathedon: Post-surf, I mainly moisturize. I use aqueous cream on my face or coconut oil/olive oil after for my face as a rehydrate treatment, then apply fresh aloe vera This is like a natural treatment! I use aqueous cream religiously on my skin especially my face and have since I was young. Aqueous cream is cheap for my face but hydrates without an oily complexion.

  • Tara: Pre-surf, I use mineral sunscreen and zinc chapstick. Post-surf, I wash my face with just water and use Vitamin C as moisturizer.

  • Amanda: Pre-surf, I apply zinc sunscreen stick or from a tin on my face, sunblock for lips, and wear a trucker hat on sunny days. Post-surf, I rinse off with a water jug, face wipes to clean my face, and apply face moisturizer and body lotion.

  • Farrah: Before surfing, I slab on Surf Durt sunblock. After surfing, I rinse myself off with fresh water then give myself a spritz of facial spray by Mario Badescu. When I get home after showering, I dab vitamin c serum and facial moisturizer. I also lotion myself all over, the skin gets so dry!

  • Elizabeth: Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your HANDS!

  • Margaux: I only put on zinc before surfing. After surfing, I wipe it off with a whitchazel/water mix, then use a face cleanser in the shower, and hydrate with moisturiser (with a drop of prickly pear oil).

  • Megan: Pre-surf, I smudge sunscreen. Post-surf, ApresSurf for moisture and replenish.

Thank you so much to Wahine Kai Surf Club and the women’s surfing community for sharing your skincare tips and tricks! What are you skincare hacks? Share them in the comments below! Cheers, Gabriela Peregrina

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