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Surf Mamas

We are a division of Wahine Kai, where moms swap surfing for beach babysitting!


Here at Surf Mamas, we exchange wave time and beach babysitting with each other. This means that for a set time (your group can decide how long each session will be), you will trade off surfing time, with watching each others’ kids on the beach.


This is a great opportunity to develop friendships with fellow surfer mamas! If you’re a “future mama,” we’d love for you to join in the fun! We can always use an extra babysitter, wink, wink. We welcome you to join our group, and hang out with the other moms, and babysit our future groms!

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Join Surf Mamas

Active Surf Mama Groups:

  • Huntington Beach, CA

  • North County San Diego, CA

  • San Diego, CA


Want to join an Surf Mamas group 

or start your one in your area? 

Contact Jessica Kuehnel at

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